Friday, May 8, 2009

A Story told from the Imagination Story Cards

A Story told from the Imagination Story Cards by
Four girls, three age ten and one age nine

An opera singer who sang really, really sad songs. He was always really sad. One day he was walking on the street. He lived in Italy. He stopped by a restaurant and he met a really pretty woman and the reason he sang such sad songs is because his wife died. The opera singer's name was Franklin and the woman's name was April. They got married on the airplane flying to America. They lived in New Jersey and they went to a hotel and they lived there for a while. One day on their way out to the swimming pool he saw another really pretty lady and the wife smacked him in the face and when they were outside of the pool they saw a dead rabbit and then they saw a really pretty pink dog and they decided to keep her and they ended up going back to Italy and traveling the world and they lived happily ever after.